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– the Nordic Centre of Excellence on Resilience and Societal Security.


NORDRESS is a Centre of Excellence under the Social Security Programme of NordForsk. Its aim is to carry out multidisciplinary studies to enhance societal security and resilience to natural disasters. Partners from 15 institutions in all Nordic countries will join forces to increase the resilience of individuals, communities, infrastructure and institutions.

The NordForsk Social Security Programme is funded by:


WP3 publish a paper

Team members in NORDRESS WP3 have published a paper in BMJ OPEN volume 6, issue 9, 2016 ! Long term health effects of the Eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruption a prospective cohort […]

NSSA GRANTS September 2016

Mobility grants have been awarded to: WP 3.1 to visit Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm to gather data for a project. WP 3.1 to visit and work with the Swedish disease […]

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Rasmus Dahlberg in the media !

Rasmus Dahlberg, from Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research in the The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service. Áskoranir en óvíst um vandamál (Only in Icelandic)


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