Welcome to NORDRESS

– the Nordic Centre of Excellence on Resilience and Societal Security.


NORDRESS is a Centre of Excellence under the Social Security Programme of NordForsk. Its aim is to carry out multidisciplinary studies to enhance societal security and resilience to natural disasters. Partners from 15 institutions in all Nordic countries will join forces to increase the resilience of individuals, communities, infrastructure and institutions.

The NordForsk Social Security Programme is funded by:



NORDRESS is proud to announce a new publication in the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction:  Participatory early warning and monitoring systems: A Nordic framework for web-based flood risk management, […]

An unusual NORDRESS meeting!

An unusual NORDRESS meeting took place in Copenhagen on Sept 17-18 2018. More than 20 partners gathered to explore how their work and findings in NORDRESS can be presented to […]

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From Gap to Caps

A member of the NORDRESS team Dr. Björn Karlsson delivered recently the final report of his Task in the EU project „From Gaps to Caps“ (Risk Management Capability on Gaps Identification […]


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