• Reporting period: Jan 1 – Dec 31 each year

  • Partners time-sheets to WP leaders: Jan 25

  • Deadline of WP leader report to Project manager: Feb 15

  • Deadline for Project manager report to NordForsk: March 31

  • NordForsk decision on report expected by June 1

All team members must keep records of their work hours, for NORDRESS both those funded by NordForsk and others by filling in the time sheets, available here. WP leaders collect records on the work hours  of all members in their team.

Reports from the WP leaders:

Each WP has been assigned a WP leader who co-ordinates the activities of the WP and is responsible for filling in the forms below:

WP Progress in 2019 and Plan for 2020

Annual Report to NordForsk

The Project manager shall annually prepare and submit to NordForsk a Progress Report, including a financial report based on the project accounts.

  • Progress report shall provide information concerning the status and progress of the project end explain any deviations from the Contract (i.e. project description, project plan and budget).
  • Progress report shall comprise any revisions to the Progress plan and Budget that the Project manager deems appropriate to propose.
  • An approved Progress report is required for the next payment to go through!