The Nordic Centre of Excellence on Resilience and Societal Security, NORDRESS, is a 5-year project under the Social Security Programme of NordForsk . This program addresses questions of vulnerabilities, resilience and capabilities for crisis management related to prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

The aim of the program is to develop new knowledge about and solutions for the many aspects of societal security affecting the Nordic countries. The research funded by the programme should add value to work already done within Societal Security in the Nordic countries.

In the Nordic countries, strong emergency management and shared responsibility during crises safeguard values that are of core importance to the citizens. Protecting human life and health, the economy and the environment, and ensuring the functioning of society are issues of core importance and the societies must have the capacity to respond effectively to disruptions that threaten them.

NORDRESS focusses on the effects of natural hazards on societies. It is a network of academics, administrators, rescue workers and end users who will join forces to improve understanding of societal resilience to natural disasters.

NORDRESS builds on the cooperation of experts from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, with a strong interdisciplinary approach including natural, social and health sciences as well as experience from relevant institutions, administrations, entrepreneurs and NGOs.

The headquaters of NORDRESS are at the Institute for Sustainability Studies, University of Iceland.