The objective of NORDRESS is to find ways to increase the resilience of the Nordic societies to withstand crises caused by natural hazards.

NORDRESS will explore resilience from the dimensions of individuals, communities, hringur_blarIinfrastructure and institutions in Nordic societies in order to elucidate how resilience can be increased at different societal levels. By focusing on extreme weather, floods, mud slides, avalanches, and volcanic eruptions we willstudy the effects of natural hazards impacting all the Nordic countries from local to trans-boundary levels.


NORDRESS aims to increase individual resilience through improved understanding of the mental and physical health effects of natural hazards and general individual preparedness; increase community resilience by understanding risk perception

and community coping as well as strengthening public participation in hazard monitoring and early warning; increase infrastructure resilience by studying the effects of extreme weather, floods and avalanches on land-, sea- and air transport, and increase institutional resilience by gaining an overview of emergency management in the Nordic countries, analyse laws and regulations regarding insurance and land use planning, and investigate how the Nordic welfare system can support increased resilience building before, during and after crises caused by extreme natural events.

Furthermore, NORDRESS will strengthen training, education, and mobility through the Nordic Social Security Academy (NSSA), which will provide grants and fund co

urses or seminars that Nordic academics, emergency management experts and other relevant agents are prepared to offer. The NSSA will be open to courses on societal security on a broad level, not only pertaining to natural hazards.