Book published: Volcanic Crisis Communication

NORDRESS is proud to announce that Deanne Bird´s book “Volcanic Crisis Communication” which she wrote together with her colleges has been published.

Both Deanne Bird and Gudrun Gisladottir attended and presented at the book launch for ‘Observing the Volcano World: Volcano Crisis Communication’ of which Deanne Bird is one of the editors and both Deanne and Gudrun authored a chapter.

This open access book provides a comprehensive overview of volcanic crisis research, the goal being to establish ways of successfully applying volcanology and to identify areas that need to be addressed for future progress. It shows how volcano crises are managed in practice, and helps to establish best practices. Consequently, the book brings together over 100 authors from all over the globe who work with volcanoes, ranging from observatory volcanologists, disaster practitioners and government officials to NGO-based and government practitioners to address three key aspects of volcanic crises.

NORDRESS is acknowledged in the chapter entitled “Crisis Coordination and Communication During the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull Eruption”

Congratulation Deanne!