NSSA GRANTS September 2016

Mobility grants have been awarded to:

WP 3.1 to visit Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm to gather data for a project.

WP 3.1 to visit and work with the Swedish disease and pharmaceutical registries.

WP 3 for consultation with WP3.1

WP 3.3 for a study visit to University of Iceland and to The University hospital of Iceland

WP 4 for study visit to COPE

WP 4.2 to undertake fieldwork in Iceland

WP 4.2 to visit Emergency Management in Victoria, Australia

WP 4.2 to review risk perceptions, decision-making and the communication of warnings during fire and flood crises in Tasmania

WP 4.2 to travel to the municipalities in the east and south of Iceland to meet up with the local authorities

WP 4.3 to travel to a meeting in Sheffield

WP 5.2 to NGI and IMO to held a meeting in Iceland

WP 5.4 for a field trip along the east coast of Greenland, onboard the Danish navy ship Knud Rasmussen.

WP 6.1 for a study visit to University of Iceland


Seminar/Courses grants were awarded to:

WP 4.3 and 6.1 to host a workshop: “Risk assessment and acceptable risk” in Reykjavik in November/December

WP 5.4 to host a workshop: Disaster social work: Resilience and crisis management in the context of welfare states.