NSSA supports a variety of activities in 2015

Mobility grants have been awarded to:
WP 3 for workmeetings in Odense and Stockholm in September 2015
WP 4.2  for a 3-week field work trip in Northern Iceland
WP 4.3 for a participatory early warning and monitoring study trip to Netherlands
WP 5.1 PostDoc study visits from IMO to NGI in 2015
WP 4.3 and 5.3 for a team working session on floods in Odense in the fall of 2015
WP 5.4 for participating in two preparatory meetings of LIVEX2015 in Nuuk
WP 6.2 meeting in Århus to prepare online course.

Seminar/Course grants were awarded to:
WP 4 for organizing a session in the meeting of NordRed in the fall of 2015
WP 6.2 to organize a seminar on Social Services in Times of Disaster
WP 5.2. to organize a course on Tools and Techniques in Climate Change Studies in the summer of 2015